Module 1: Connecting to Our Own Experience


We are inspired by the life and spirit of St. Julie to carry on the mission she left us. As part of a Notre Dame Learning Community, you have experienced this Notre Dame de Namur Mission Spirituality in many ways. By naming particular examples of where you have met the mission spirituality, you will become more aware of how you are a part of St. Julie’s spirit alive today.


Read over the various words and phrases below that name some for the characteristics of our Notre Dame de Namur Mission Spirituality. Where have you experienced any of these in your Notre Dame Learning Community (school, volunteer program, etc.)?

Various Expressions of the Notre Dame de Namur Mission Spirituality

  • Goodness
    • “The more difficult the times are the more we must expect and hope everything from the goodness of the good God.” – St. Julie
    • We look for the good in the world and people around us and go about doing good wherever we are.
  • Community
    • “Our spirit is a spirit of love, of mutual support, and union one with another.”- St. Julie
    • We value building a welcoming community wherever we are. We value relationships and want to make sure that people feel like they are a valued part of something bigger than themselves.
  • Hearts as Wide as the World
    • “Our charity must not be limited by the love we have for one another. It must make our hearts as wide as the universe.”- St. Julie
    • Through love and compassion our hearts flourish and grow so we can embrace the concerns of all people throughout the world. We become more and more courageous in our loving and living.
  • Trust in God’s Goodness
    • “God knows how to make everything turn to the good of those who love with all their hearts and who put their trust in God.” – St. Julie
    • We can count on God. We know our God is a loving parent. We won’t be let down.
  • Action Rooted in Prayer
    • “I am all yours, while running all over the place. Ask for me to find my God while I run: my God, my one and only good.” – St. Julie
    • Our God is the God of everyday life. Jesus showed us that when He walked our earth, taught, healed and loved. As we go through the day talking, healing, loving, do it with God.
  • Simplicity
    • “To be simple is to be like a sunflower that follows all the movements of the sun and ever turns toward it.” – St. Julie
    • We turn our hearts to God, who will guide and encourage us.
  • Mission to People in Poverty
    • “The good God himself promised us that his ear would be attentive to the needs of the poor to whom he is always ready to listen.” – St. Julie
    • It jumps off the pages of the Gospel. Jesus has a special understanding of people struggling in poverty, their hopes, their hurts, their needs. He reached out to them and teaches us to do the same.
  • Grace through Suffering
    • “Blessed be our good Jesus, who wants to rise in our hearts! My God, grant to all of us this grace.” – St. Julie
    • Life is full of ups and downs, little crosses and big crosses. We always want to ask why. If instead, we gently and calmly open our hearts to the mystery of suffering, we meet God in the depth of our pain and our God rises in our hearts.
  • Joy and Freedom of Spirit
    • “When you are free, you can go to the ends of the earth. For the greater glory of the good Master whom we have the happiness of serving.” – St. Julie
    • True freedom is not being able to do anything anywhere, any time. True freedom is the freedom to be our best self. Putting God and our neighbor first, being our most loving self, will bring us great joy.


Choose one of your experiences of these characteristics. Share it on Twitter or Instagram through writing a narrative or a poem, or through visual art or music. Be sure to include the hashtag #StJulie2day.